was founded in response to the war, terrorism, injustice, and refugee crises that have plagued the Middle East, and the world at large. In a world driven by realpolitik, most information/media entities are but a mirror of self-serving political perspectives and objectives. This often leaves the vulnerable in conflict zones and within societies of rigid unjust laws at the mercy of the powers that be. Those who suffer most from biased media reports are minorities, women, children, the elderly, and the falsely accused. We recognize there are times when resorting to violence is unavoidable: such as in the case of personal protection from imminent attack; or to defend an ongoing attack against loved ones; or to defend our nation against an invader. However, in many, if not most cases, we believe there is a route, which, if taken, will avoid the necessity of violence and ensure a just end without resort to violence. We believe that education of the right people concerning relevant issues is the critical key to turning a potentially violent situation to a peaceful resolution.


Presently our focus is on the Kurdistan region and the conflict zones surrounding it. The turmoil of the past four years in Syria and Iraq created by the advent of the vicious terrorist group called ISIS (Islamic State of Iraq and Syria) has cost thousands of precious lives and left thousands more devastated physically, mentally, and financially.

Screenwriting Workshop

A four-week course, twice per week. Sessions are two hours long. Each student should come with a script or script idea for a short fiction film. He/she will write the script under my guidance during the course. Those with a ready script will work on improving it by applying what they learn. MORE...

Peace Int'l Film Festival - PFiiFF 2019

Our first annual international human rights film festival is underway (May. 11-16, 2019) in the region’s capital, Erbi. The festival theme is Living Together in Peace. Our selection criteria are fictional films, documentaries, and short films about human rights abuses and violence against the underdog and victims of war and terror, especially minorities, women, children, and the elderly. PFiiFF will also present a set of panel discussions with filmmakers and human rights activists. PFiiFF will serve as a bridge between local filmmakers and the world film community and help introduce foreign filmmakers to the crisis particular to the region.

CLICK HERE for festival rules and guidelines.

Daughters of the Peacock Angel

A film project illuminating the plight of thousands of Yezidi women who were raped and tortured by ISIS, over 3000 remain in slavery in unknown locations. The goal is to raise International awareness, see the slaves freed, the mentally and physically injured restored, and the perpetrators of this horrific genocide brought to Justice and to prevent them from committing any future atrocities.

We consider ourselves the voice of a people without any other effective means to make their issues a part of the public discussion. Our focus is on humanitarian issues and the injustices that so many endure with no apparent redress. We are the “Voice of the Voiceless.

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